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Our name is Jovono.

We know. Weird name.

But hey, the tech industry has a long history of goofy names! Like, why is there a ! in “Yahoo!”? Makes for an awkward read. Names like “Google” embody technology not just as paragons but in form. Google is named after the decidedly nerdy googolplex, an impossibly large number. It’s a name that sounds silly until it dominates and has a simple genius in its memorability because no one ever realized you could give a company a name like that.

Jovono is named for John von Neumann (JOhn VOn Neumann. Neumann doesn’t have an O, but it’s pronounced No-ee-man, so close enough?). von Neumann was last century’s great genius and a polymath in every sense of the word. Among other things, he made foundational contributions to algebra, game theory, and probability. He also led the team that built one of the first modern computers, the ENIAC. He was a cultural leader in academia’s open culture and a commercial success. His work ranged from the hopelessly abstract to the dutifully applied. Although most people don’t realize it, we live in his shadow.

Over time, we’ll use this blog to write posts about ourselves, our companies, and our ideas. We promise only to write when we have something to say. We just hope you enjoy it.

The name “Jovono” is a beautiful, quirky name that highlights our aspirations. Like von Neumann, we believe in being broad and deep, combining the abstract and the applied. Our goal is to see the future and engage with it. And we will work with you to make your future happen.

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